Burglar bars for aluminium windows in Johannesburg

We are the largest producer of Aluminium Burglar Bars, which are used in businesses, and homes across Johannesburg.

Burglar bars for aluminum windows in Johannesburg

Aluminium Pro offers the best burglar bar service in Johannesburg and most areas of South Africa. We have been providing our aluminium window and door installation services for years, and still offer the best high-quality burglar proofing service.

Our experienced technicians will come to your house to survey your building in Johannesburg and provide you with a free quotation for the burglar bars to be installed on your new aluminum windows. We offer different kinds of burglar bars depending on what you want and may need.

Burglar bars in Johannesburg are a basic security solution that is much cheaper than other types of security. Although burglar bars have been around for a long time, they still have the same value and safety features in homes and businesses as they did many years ago.

The burglar bars serve an important role however, proper design is also essential to control burglaries because issues arise when these barriers are improperly designed. On a functional level, burglar bars act as gaps, which someone is less likely to use when entering the house or apartment. At the same time, it protects from intrusions by criminals.

Burglar bars for aluminum windows in Johannesburg

A burglar bar is a metal grill installed over a window or door in order to deter unauthorized entry. A burglar bar is usually between 5-7 mm thick. They are available in a variety of materials and designs, as you will discover shortly. These bars are sometimes known as security bars.

Aluminuim Pro specialises in aluminium made burglar bars. Aluminum can be redesigned in many different ways, including using flowers and scrolls or by customizing it with your own design. If you want to improve the security of your home while maintaining aesthetic appeal, decorative bars are a great option.

Many people are unsure if they need burglar bars or not. The answer is yes, if you live in a high-crime area and need an inexpensive security enhancement. In spite of their low-tech nature, burglar bars are effective at preventing break-ins. Doors and windows are the main entry points for burglars, if you do not have any burglar bars or aluminum windows you are more susceptible to a break-in.

The burglar bars serve an important role in the safety of many business establishments and homes. In a city like Johannesburg where crime is at a never-ending high, it is in our best interest to protect ourselves and the things we work so hard for. The main advantage of new aluminium windows and burglar bars is it discourages burglars from trying to break in by providing a psychological deterrent.

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Why it is important to install burglar bars over your aluminium windows in Johannesburg

To boost safety

Criminals don’t want to work hard, when it comes to breaking into someone’s home, they are likely to resort to breaking into a home that has limited security measures. Burglar proofing is essential for the safety of your home and loved ones. Having simple durable burglar bars is enough for them to avoid your home, with some bars on the window making it a no go.

When considering the installation of burglar bars it is important to understand the mind of a criminal and take the measures most suitable to your home. Each house is different and they all have different vulnerable points that need securing. We can provide you with the necessary evaluation and the best advice on how to secure your home. For instance, there are many people who have homes that are considered to be multi-storied and can save themselves time and money by not protecting second story or higher windows with security bars.

Adding some extra locks, and window security bars to certain vulnerable doors can make a huge lot of difference in preventing break-ins especially when you have children and your family living in the house. Burglary is something which is becoming more and more common these days. The chance of a burglar breaking into your house increases greatly if they see that you have no window burglar bar or have windows which can easily be accessed.

Aluminium burglar bars are a cost-effective alternative
Aluminium burglar bars represent a cost-effective alternative to metal doors and thick metal bars. This makes them perfect for protecting glass entryways and windows against thieves. Businesses use burglar bars to protect their outlets and storefronts against break-ins and theft.

The only way to keep a bar safe is to add more bars or move it away from the window. Burglar bars can fit with any building even if it does not have aluminium shutters. They can be fitted over an etched glass, coloured glass and other such materials without causing damage to them.

Today, the economy is still on the downside. Homeowners have resorted to making their homes more secure on their own, before spending too much on new installations, which may still not appeal to them. The inexpensive ways that one can enhance his/her home for security are: One of the most important things homeowners should do by themselves is to hide valuables in locations that intruders cannot find easily.

Uniquely styled window burglar bars

Good looking aluminium windows with security protection not only make your home more secure, but they may act as accessories to style your home. It is no question that aluminium bars are the best choice in the material when it comes to serious burglar proofing. This type of steel easily overcomes any security barrier and it can easily be shaped and styled to suit our customers. Not only will the bars serve as a force against external elements but they can enhance the beauty of your home. We can design your new aluminium windows, bars with different styles such as horizontal bars, square-shaped bars, Spanish bars, rectangle bars, double upright burglar bars, powder coated bars for colour and more.

Our door installations may also be altered to our customer’s liking as well. Lightweight & flexible are two advantages of making aluminium one of the most versatile metals around, particularly in this time and age. The double upright burglar bars are a classic, stylish and strong. Alternative materials such as Polycarbonate, wood or cottage guard burglar bars, are expensive and need to be consistently maintained for them to last a long time. Whereas aluminium window bars do not need to be maintained for many years until they rust, which can be reduced with water-resistant products.

Door installation

It is crucial to determine the reinforcement of your front door, as you consider placing security bars on the windows of your home. Front doors are the main target of entry for burglars. It is easy for them to gain access into your home through your front door if it does not have an aluminium gate or advanced locking system.

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We provide a unique quality service through our work ethic and our dedication to your safety. We will ensure that your security bars, front door gate, door locks etc. are custom designed to your preferred aesthetic. We provide the solutions to your safety needs at affordable pricing in the highest quality. We value the safety of our nation and want to ensure your family, business and valuables are safe.

All you need to do is request a free quote and we will have you feeling safer today!

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