Aluminium sliding doors in Johannesburg

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Aluminium sliding doors in Johannesburg  

Aluminium sliding doors are one of the latest innovations in door designs in Johannesburg and have gained appreciation over the years, as they are useful in every household. Aluminium sliding doors look and feel amazing as well as provide a durable and sleek finish.

Aluminium sliding doors are manufactured with an aluminium frame and transparent glass fillers. This allows the user to get optimal sunlight into the chosen area as opposed to traditional opaque doors.

Aluminium sliding doors are easier to maintain, and come preinstalled with safety locks. Meaning no keys are needed to lock your door, which is faster than traditional key locks. Seconds can make a big difference, especially in an emergency.

Aluminium sliding doors are built with durability and security in mind. Not only is the aluminium made of the highest quality, so is the glass that is used. Ensuring a long-lasting experience.

Maintenance is a breeze. Aluminium sliding doors can be easily cleaned with a cloth to remove fingerprints, or soapy water to wash off dirt and debris. The aluminium can be coated with paint or polish allowing you to easily change the colour as well as protect your sliding door from the elements. and our specialist can add any custom design to meet your needs.

Services & Features

Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Doors in Johannesburg

The Aluminium sliding doors, from Aluminium Pro, are made from advanced technology. This enhances its efficiency, and superior performance. Aluminium sliding doors will certainly stand the test of time.

People prefer aluminium sliding doors for the following reasons:

• Aluminium sliding doors are for everyone looking for a more efficient door. When installing aluminium sliding doors,the value will be added to your house, making your property look visually better.

• Aluminium sliding doors are not obstructed by any other object during their opening or closing movement, as they do not fit into a frame.

• Aluminium sliding doors are easier to move than traditional swinging doors, so you will be able to save a lot of time and energy in everyday usage.

• In case of fire, all you need to do is slide all the aluminium sliding doors towards you and then jump out through a window before smoke starts building up in your home.  


These very reasonable points will help you get optimum quality products without spending extra bucks in vain. But that’s not all”

There is another advantage of the aluminium sliding doors, we want to share with you today – quietness! 

These unique doors can act as a silencer between floors going in different directions (e.g.: two bedrooms), which means absorbing sound when needed and expelling it when not.  

How can we get aluminium sliding doors?   


Make your next-door project a little smoother by working with Aluminium Pro today. We want you to be happy and will ensure that our team provide quality aluminium sliding doors at a reasonable price. We would love to share and discuss recent products with you. Our colours, frames and openings can complement your home or office environment.  

Need a custom aluminium door designed in Johannesburg?

With decades of experience, we boast a reputable brand within the sliding door industry in Johannesburg. We cover a wide variety of projects and installations with ease. Contact us for quotes today! We specialize in a fast response and can assist you with your order. Information about your requirements or concerns with regards to delivery and construction will help us manage expectations and fix any problems as they arise. We deliver outstanding results on each project we undertake. By listening to each individual’s needs while applying our decorating skills to provide valuable input, insight, guidance and helpful suggestions. In the event where it may not be possible for us to match your precise specifications, do not fret – we will tailor the design according to your tastes, free of charge. Our company has ensured its clients are fully satisfied every time. This is why we pride ourselves on delivering quality service that is always client-centric. When searching for the finest aluminium sliding doors in the greater Johannesburg area? Look no further, We have all the aluminium Sliding doors you require.

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