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Aluminium Pro provides a dependable Window & Door installation service in Johannesburg with expertise you can count on.

We provide the highest quality new window and door installations in Johannesburg  


Brand new aluminium windows and doors installation in Johannesburg. Aluminium windows and doors produce a visually pleasing look while also improving the overall safety of your house. Our team of skilled installers have the experience to ensure that the task is handled with attention to detail and the utmost care. We ensure minimal interruption during the installation process as well as ensure no mess is left behind after the process is completed. We provide a personal service that is designed as a turn-key solution to cater for all your needs.

Aluminium windows and doors services in Johannesburg

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How versatile is aluminium doors and windows in Johannesburg  

Aluminium is commonly used in conjunction with frame materials such as wood, steel, and fibreglass, while also providing a high level of thermal & sound insulation as well as diverse choices of colours and styles.

Aluminium pro in Johannesburg are experts at work. We assess your needs on-site and draw up a custom solution for your specific needs. We understand that it can be stressful making these big decisions regarding items such as the installation of aluminium windows, and doors especially when you’re tackling them for the first time.

We also provide custom designs to remove the guesswork. If it’s windows replacement, aluminium windows, and doors installation or door maintenance that you need, rest assured that Aluminium Pro has you covered.

All work done will be undertaken promptly while using the highest quality products available. We provide our services, not only throughout Johannesburg but also in various areas around Gauteng. Alexandra, Johannesburg, Lenasia, Midrand, Roodepoort, Sandton, Soweto, Mshongo, Klipfontienview, Orange Farm, Pretoria, and many more.

Window and door installation in Johannesburg

Aluminium Pro provides dependable Window & Door installation in Johannesburg with the expertise you can count on. We offer a full range of home design, windows, and door installation solutions customized to meet your distinctive specifications.

We provide the highest quality new

window and door Installations in Johannesburg

Many people prefer using aluminium windows and doors in their household because it adds a beautiful layer of design as well as a strong layer of security to their homes in Johannesburg, whilst not affecting the amount of light that comes into your home.

Aluminium windows and doors are a beautiful sight to look at when entertaining and provide a calm space due to the neutral colours, as well as being easy to maintain due to their durable and long-lasting nature as opposed to wood that may crack or chip over time. Aluminium Doors and Windows usually maintain themselves but their lifespan can also be enhanced by regularly cleaning and painting over time. Whist wooden doors and glass windows can easily be broken and broken into, we can’t say the same about our aluminium doors and windows.

Crafted with the highest and strongest grade of aluminium Johannesburg has to offer, you can rest assured that quality and durability over time are guaranteed. Give us a call or fill in our online form for a personal home quotation and custom options for your home. Allow us to assist you with choosing stunning windows and doors for your interior and exterior space with the benefit of security and versatility.

Aluminium windows in Johannesburg

At Aluminium Pro we specialize in aluminium window installation services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Johannesburg Area. Our Installation service offers you durable yet aesthetically pleasing aluminium windows to suit your individual needs! Aluminium windows are sleek, clean-lined, and will never look dated or old-fashioned in the years to come.

Aluminium window installation in Johannesburg

Our aluminium window installation service offers clients access to the latest and greatest technology when installing aluminium windows in your Johannesburg house. This technology makes the installation process quick and easy as well as ensures that over time the installed aluminium windows maintain optimal functionality and style. Elegant features are combined with durability to form a beautiful aluminium window that fits the design of your house or office. What more could you ask for?

We have aluminium windows to fit all begets

All our aluminium windows come in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges to suit any pocket. This by no means is any compromise on the quality. Each aluminium window is individually crafted by professionals and is taken through multiple durability tests from being dropped multiple stories to being hit with a car. Our aluminium windows can stand the test of time.

Johannesburg highest quality aluminium windows, Perfect for all weather conditions.

Hail storms, harsh rain, thunder, and strong winds may compromise your windows, Aluminium Pro Windows are both durable and safe. They are perfect for almost all-weather conditions. Our technicians only use the highest quality aluminium components to ensure that customers are satisfied 100% of the time.

Low-cost maintenance

When comparing Aluminium windows to other types of windows. Aluminium is significantly more cost-effective to maintain. They last for many years which makes them great in the long run and look amazing as time passes.  


Our quality services

Aluminium pro technicians are experts in their field, we will assist you in selecting your perfect window design, as well as installing it and discarding your old materials. We also offer glass replacement, and repair services at competitive prices. Our work is made fast and efficient by using the latest modern technology for measuring, fitting, and finishing.

At Aluminium Pro we stick to all the correct procedures when fitting aluminium windows to satisfy our customer’s needs. No matter which option suits you best, Aluminium Pro has got your back. You can trust our window installation and repair service professionals to constantly strive to do the best job possible while keeping prices reasonable! We are always available to help.

Aluminium doors in Johannesburg

We at Aluminium Pro are the leading door installation company in Johannesburg, offering a professional and efficient service to suit your every need. We have a fully qualified staff ready to help solve all your queries and provide you with an aluminium door installation service that is second to none. If you are in the market looking for the best aluminium door installation service in Johannesburg, then look no further than Aluminium Pro. We install doors in all areas of Gauteng and the surrounding area.

Aluminium doors installation

Removing a door can become an overwhelming task for anyone, not only do you have to remove the physical door which involves unscrewing hinges and old screws that may be stripped or damaged. Then you also have to replace the door with another which involves mounting the door, hinges and securing it properly. Once this process is done you may find that your door won’t close properly or is uneven. There are even cases where the door size is incorrect. Now multiply that by the number of doors you may need.

Consult with an aluminium door installation specialist

The experts at Aluminium Pro have the experience to install any type of door, any shape, and any size. Gone are the days of hard labour and tedious work only to end up with a broken door and frustration. Our Aluminium door specialists will measure, design, and install your brand-new aluminium door within minutes from the comfort of your own home. We are just one call away.

Aluminium doors built to last the test of time

Aluminium doors have proven to hold up for many years and are great at resisting extreme weather. We ensure you get accurate quotes with no hidden labour charges. The job will always be completed within the price we quote you on. By addressing all your particular needs, we ensure that every job is carried out to a high standard. So, whether you require aluminium door installation or window repair, our team has got the skills and expertise to deliver. We are committed to doing everything possible to perfect each part of the job – for your utmost peace of mind.

Aluminium door repair near me

We can also Repair Aluminium doors. A broken part of your door can mean it won’t be long before you need a replacement. The team from Aluminium Pro door installation company can fix all types of Aluminium doors as quickly as possible – to save you time and money.

Our reputation

At Aluminium Pro, we have gained a reputation for quality service in Johannesburg, excellent workmanship, and guaranteed satisfaction on all our Aluminium Door installations and services. Our friendly technicians will consult with you before commencing our services to ensure that our aluminium door installation is done quickly and properly – saving you time and money.

It can’t get better than that! We provide unlimited solutions regarding all your Aluminium Door requirements and we can install any style from multiple materials including aluminium doors to vinyl doors too! Our mission is to develop long-lasting relationships by understanding your needs and providing you with a unique custom-made system that will last you a lifetime.

Aluminium sliding doors in Johannesburg

To create the best experience for our customers, we offer an aluminium sliding door service that is friendly and professional. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all our installations to ensure a safe and secure investment for your future.

Aluminium sliding doors built quality in Johannesburg

Sliding outdoor doors are built from either aluminium or glass products or both. The aluminium used by aluminium pro is of the highest grade. made to withstand heavy rains, heat, and hail. We use thick durable glass that also ensures that it won’t crack under pressure.  

At Aluminium pro, we offer many varieties of these doors to suit every need and budget. One of our main products is aluminium sliding doors, which can offer excellent savings. Our fiberglass doors can replicate both retractable and sliding patio doors with an elegant design.  

Consult with expert aluminium door installation service

Whether you’re looking for a sliding glass door installation in Johannesburg or a sliding glass door replacement, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your needs. For professional advice or information about our services, please contact one of our representatives to find out more about your brand-new sliding glass door installation project.  

Aluminium door designs in Johannesburg

Aluminum Pro-The Leading & Most Trusted service in Home Renovation in Johannesburg. South Africa’s leading home improvement service company offers free design services for aluminum doors.

Free aluminium door design service in Johanesburg

Aluminium Pro Johannesburg understands that everyone has different needs and different tastes when it comes to design and preference. Not only do we install aluminium doors we also create them from scratch. We have designs for all your needs. Choose from a wide variety of custom-made aluminium doors or ask one of our in-house designers to make you one to your specifications.   

Aluminium door advantages over wooden doors

Wooden Doors are a very classic and old type of design. Overtime if not varnished and maintained can chip and break down. When wood is exposed to rain it can expand and damage, and when exposed to fire. Well, let us not add any more fuel to the fire. Some wooden doors rot away over time if not cared for properly and are susceptible to termite terrors. Maintaining a wooden door is no easy job.

Thankfully nowadays there are many kinds of doors available in the market, from fibreglass doors, Refrigerator doors, to Aluminium doors which provide the best protection from the weather, and are fireproof too. Aluminium doors require low maintenance as compared to other doors. They can resist heat up to 3000 Degree Celsius as well as protect from weathering and fire damage. All these special characteristics made Aluminium better than wood as simple door material.

Our service

Our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way. From advice to tips on maintaining your installations and many more. They will offer experienced opinions inspired by expert training and knowledge that is supported by our commitment to excellent customer care. Contact us or request a free no obligations quotation.

Sliding aluminium windows in Johannesburg

Aluminium Pro-the Leading & Most Trusted service in Home Renovation in Johannesburg. South Africa’s leading home improvement service company offers sliding window services for all your needs.

Why use sliding aluminium windows?

Sliding aluminium windows are one of the best fitting windows specially built for your homes to help you take control of your heating and cooling needs. Our sliding aluminium windows will make your home look extraordinary with the movement it has, if not plain tranquility. Our sliding windows also give you all the benefits of our fixed windows, which is their ability to fit perfectly in any opening regardless if it may not be completely straight.  

What styles do sliding aluminium windows come in?

Sliding aluminium windows come in many styles and designs. By adding a sliding window, you get extra living space and make better use of your garden or yard. Our Aluminium Windows are made from the best materials to give you a maintenance-free product for years to come.

We can install sliding aluminium windows of any kind and we offer trackless type, track type, and tilt-turn folding options. Our sliding aluminium windows add value to your home and add more enjoyment to your lifestyle.

We are experts on sliding aluminium windows, contact us to find out more

Aluminium pro is the leader in the home improvement industry. Specializing in aluminium sliding windows and door installations for years. If you looking for a professional hassle-free installation from experts of the craft then look no further then Aluminium Pro to install your sliding aluminium windows.

Aluminium window sizes in Johannesburg

Aluminium windows come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit all your consumer needs.

Are aluminum windows flexible?

Some people prefer large living spaces, while others prefer a more minimalistic approach. Some people prefer large windows for more sunlight while others prefer smaller windows and more privacy. At Aluminium pro, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all necessarily. Thus, we provide a multitude of pre-window sizes available to purchase as well as custom-made sizes to fit your needs and your pockets.  

What materials are used?

An aluminium window is made with several different types of materials that are flexible in allowing the windows to be formed into any shape. The aluminium frame allows for this material to expand and contract without causing damage when using aluminum frames. The most common frame materials when ordering windows are completely flush, flush bypass, or slightly extender.  

To begin with our slightly extender aluminium windows are the best type of windows in all kinds of weather conditions because they usually last longer than all other types of window frames. This type of frame makes sure the window only moves when it wants to, it will create a seal around the outside edge of the window making an impenetrable barrier between the wind, rain, sleet, snow, etc. These are very strong but heavy frames that only move when they want to keep weathering elements out.  

How do aluminum frames react to different temperatures?

When using non-flush or partially flush extender frames there’s a greater chance for leaking areas around the edges during colder months of the year because of how tight they are on all sides of the window itself. Partially flush extender frames can still be good for multiple climates depending on if you live in an area of small amounts of rainfall or no rainfall at all. For more information on which size and frame suits your needs call or request a free quotation.  

Aluminium window designs in Johannesburg

Aluminum Pro-the Leading & Most Trusted service in Home Renovation in Johannesburg. South Africa’s leading home improvement service company offers custom window design services for all your needs. Not only should your design be beautiful it should also be durable.  

Overall quality and durability guaranteed

Custom aluminium window designs are not only meant to look good but also to be durable. When we say durability, we mean that you will not have any trouble with your windows in all seasons whether it’s a rainy season, wintry season, or summer season. It will not crack under any pressure from the environment or house construction. Heat is also something to take into account when looking for good-quality windows. Our custom aluminium window designs are made to look good as well as weather any storm.  

How do we know if aluminum windows are designed to be durable ?

The proof is in the pudding. Durable windows must be able to withstand extreme sunlight in all seasons when temperatures are either very warm or very cold. Good windows ought to have weather seals that help avoid leaking of warm air in summer and prevent freezing wind in winter.  

Therefore, these points above mean that the windows you purchase should be durable with all weathers in mind, namely with its temperature-resistant properties which help with temperature balance during different times of the year. Each home has different needs concerning windows; however, most homes have similar standards with regards to their home’s climate condition – thus specifying how necessary it is for one to decide on durable windows built with optimum thermal resistance properties.  

Consult an expert on aluminum windows designs

If you looking for quality and durable custom-designed aluminium windows in Johannesburg then contact us to speak to an expert. We guarantee excellent service and quality.  

Burglar bars for aluminum windows in Johannesburg

How important is security to you? Aluminium Pro-the Leading & Most Trusted service in Home Renovation in Johannesburg. South Africa’s leading home improvement service company offers burglar bars for aluminium windows in Johannesburg.  

How secure are aluminum burglar bars ?

Security is one of the most important things you need to consider in everyday life. Over time we accumulate possessions that may be of physical or sentimental value, such that losing these possessions may be very painful and depending on the nature of the item, difficult to replace if not impossible. 


Not only do you need to protect your belongings from thieves and burglars, but you may sleep better at night knowing that you and your family are also protected. You cannot deny that without taking preventative security measures, your homes can easily become a victim of burglars.   

Today, there are countless ways that burglars use to break into buildings; one of these is through windows. Burglars tend to target windows at night because unlike doors that are usually locked, windows are not protected by anything with the exception of bars. This is why Burglar bars were invented, to put something on top of your windows so that burglars will never be able to break them or even attempt to.  

What do the window experts say?

The site of burglar bars usually deters burglars from entering. And in cases where burglars are persistent, burglar bars usually take a long time to cut or get through making it time-consuming and difficult for the burglar to enter.  

The window experts at Aluminium Pro can provide you with the best solution to all your window needs. No matter what style or material of aluminum windows you decided to go with, we can provide you with the ideal options as well as fit your aluminium burglar bars to your aluminium windows seamlessly.  

Aluminium Pro burglar bars are made with security and durability in mind. With custom-made windows, you will not only be protected but also add an element of artistry to your home.  


Do you need some burglar bars for your aluminum windows in Johannesburg?

If you are looking for burglar bars for your Aluminium Windows in the Johannesburg area, then look no further than Aluminium Pro are specialist in the field of aluminium windows and door installation as well and burglar bars and sliding aluminium window and door installation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We offer an extensive range of services including aluminium sliding windows,burglar bars, sliding doors & aluminium door repairs

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