Aluminium window sizes in Johannesburg

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Aluminium window sizes in Johannesburg

Have you ever been confused with the different aluminium window sizes? Or wondered what the small notation on the window labels even mean?

Then you are at the right place. Understanding what these terms mean is essential when picking an appropriate window size for your home or office. According to the size of a window.

The notation gives an indication, of how well the window will fit in the given space, and which other pane will be appropriate to fit your chosen window dimensions. Various numbers are used in a unit of measurement to define these dimensions.

These measurements have technically changed over time but still, use the same fundamental principles when being calculated.

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Understanding aluminium window sizes 

(Windows Series) – First thing to remember is that every window type has its series denoting its sizes.

Typically, Series 1 is for non-opening windows and Series 2 is for opening windows. It can also stand for actual size as well such as Series 3A 15/20, where 15 denotes total width (15″ or 38cm), 20 in total height (20″ or 51cm). The height and width are self-explanatory but A stands for lower sash measurements while B stands for upper sash measurements.

If you see a window series number, it is always good to take note of whether it opens in both ways, or if it is made in such a way that, only the upper part can be opened.

Calliper – This refers to the overall frame width for Series 2 windows and the size of the glass pane used on Series 1 windows. It is generally measured in millimetres (mm).

Eave – Eaves refer to vertical edge made of aluminium joining two sides together, commonly referred to as “Head”. This edge does not overlap either side unless stated otherwise from the manufacturer’s specifications or by customer request.

Eaves are measured in millimetres (mm) from a thickness of frame edge and then drawn outward toward a point where it joins with another component of a window frame.”

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